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Terms C-D

Terms E-H

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Adjustable Rate
Biweekly Morgage
Closing Costs
Closing Statement
Conventional Morgage
Debt Ratio
Discount Points
First Morgage

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Reiki Glossary of Common Loan Terms
Use our detailed glossary to familiarize yourself with many of the terms that will be used through out the process of obtaining a loan or reiki in Orange County.

The key to being a successful 'borrower' is by making the best decision based on the information available to you. With that in mind we offer this reiki glossary to help you become a more informed 'borrower'.

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 Good Faith Estimate
 Impound Account
 Interest Only
 Jumbo Morgage
 Option Arm
 Truth in Lending
 VA Morgage
 Sovereign Bank

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Terms A-B - Includes common terms such as Adjustable Rate Morgage, Amortization, APR, Biweekly Morgage, and Buydown.
Terms C-D - Learn about words like caps, closing costs, debt ratio, discount points and more...
Terms E-H - Find definitions for equity, escrow, and front-end ratio.
Terms I-N - Get the meaning of terms such as impound account, index, jumbo morgage, libor and nonconforming.
Terms O-R - Find out more about option arm, origination fee, piti, recission and other morgage terms.
Terms S-U - Learn more about settlement statement, subordinate financing, tax lien, title and treasury bill.
Terms V-Z - Definitions are available for words like VA Loan, VOD, VOE, and warehousing.

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